How to cook Japanese food nikujaga & Will Smith? called me!!

How to cook Japanese food nikujaga & Will Smith? called me!!

So typical Japanese food ” Nikujaga” is actually very easy to cook. I’m sure there are some more way to cook if you want to cook it like the one you see at the restaurant. But You can cook it only with potatoes, carrot, onion, and slice beef or pork. You don’t need any special ingredient which is hard for you to find in your hometown if you are not living in Japan. So this is like everyone can make it so easily. And it tastes really good!! I’ve never heard of anyone who don’t like Nikujaga. If you watch this, you are ready to cook!!

And oddly enough I got some message from Hollywood star ” Will Smith ”. He gave me a call but I couldn’t answer the phone so he left a message. LOL I think everyone will notice who it is but this guy does sound like Will Smith, doesn’t he? IF you haven’t seen any of his videos, Go check his channel. Close your eyes and listen to his voice. Then you may see what I mean.
Will Smith’s channel?

All music by ジョニー・苅込

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